#WhatTiggyAte Exploring Jozi Food – I Scream You Scream

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream (PHIC) in Parkhurst is one of our favs on a Sunday afternoon. Both my hubby and Tiggy are obsessed with ice cream and so this is their outing of choice. I go along to watch how they battle internally to pick just 1 flavour.

This particular visit, BIRTHDAY CAKE & MALVA were the WINNERS for Tiggy and Dad respectively.


Paul is a real guy. He grew up in Johannesburg but spent his childhood summer holidays eating ice cream in the blazing New York heat.

Paul received an ice cream maker on his 21st birthday in 2010. He starts churning experimental flavours trying to recreate the nostalgic scoops of his youth

Paul spends many late nights whisking custard in his parent’s kitchen, getting sugar and egg yolks everywhere, churning a litre of liquid gold each day.

2015, PHIC launches ice cream cakes and sticks and Paul eats the majority of the stock.

Paul supplies ice cream to 15 scoop cafés and over 180 shops and restaurants nationwide.

FIND YOUR STORE:  https://paulshomemade.com/contact-us/


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